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First blog post

This is my first blog post and I am starting it because its the only way to express myself. I graduated as an engineer, I have been to odd jobs ever since i graduated: “the reason being saturation in field.”I have been working as a Teacher for couple of years, and worked as a call centre agent.

To my surprize i did not earned but learned a lot from these odd jobs and i quickly realised that its the skills that matter and not the degree or certificates. My teaching job gave me the confidence to express myself and i believe it made me think of other possibilities. As a teacher i knew my true-self and this was where the idea strucked to me that “why not make use of my strengths?” To be a good teacher the skills that matter are good communication skills, both written as well as oral and deep understanding, practical analyzing, multidimensional thinking, forming rapport and interpersonal skills.

By listing all the skills that i came to know after having accomplished so far, I became convinced to start a work which will help me orient myself and nourish my skills level. This is where, i started thinking to publish something or write a book? I started searching about the careers which suit in my case and then i came to know about blogs and i just read the articles related to blog but at first i couldn’t get it but it did impacted me.Having this impact it was enough to provide me the necessary kick required to read more about it for the second and third time.This was how i came here, because i belong here.